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Humane Animal Removal Services, Tampa Bay

A Sweep Across The Bay, Sarasota, Florida


With our experience in dealing with unwanted house guests, A Sweep Across the Bay is one of Florida's leading animal removal specialty companies. Because chimneys are a favorite nesting spot for raccoons and squirrels, we encounter them frequently and have become experts at humanely relocating them.


Our humane animal removal services utilize a very simple process:




Raccoon invasions of homes and businesses are a very common occurrence in Florida. Raccoons look for a safe, secure place for their babies to protect them from their predators who also make the area their home. A chimney or attic offers the critters a perfect safe place. We've been humanely removing raccoons from homes and businesses for years.



Although squirrels can be considered adorable, but having one chewing up your home or attic is a problem. It is important that squirrels are removed promptly before they have a chance to destroy property or spread diseases. A Sweep Across The Bay can humanely remove squirrels from attics, eaves, and chimneys of both residential and commercial buildings.