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The chimney cap we add to your home will prevent weather from spilling down your chimney. Chimney caps will also help keep fire sparks down where they should be and not hopping out onto your roof (which can be a big problem, especially with wooden shingles!)


Another benefit of chimney caps is that they can prevent birds, raccoons and other animals from turning your chimney into their homes! Chimney flue caps keep nature out of your chimneys. Rain, wind, and animals are all kept from getting inside your chimney.


There are basically two types of chimneys and chimney caps to install on these chimneys:



The single flue caps come in standard sizes:

8x8, 8x13, 13x13, 8x17, and 13x18

The multi-flue masonry chimneys or non-extending flue tiles installation is more difficult.


Concrete Chimney Crowns

A chimney crown is a masonry roof that covers the roof your chimney. The concrete crown prevents water from seeping into the masonry below. The concrete crown of a chimney can sometimes crack and allow water to flow into the chimney. If the cracks are extensive a new crown may be needed.